ArcGIS 10 and SketchUp 8

Zillions of people around the world use Esri’s ArcGIS software to manage, analyze and display their geographic data. Over the last few years, lots of these folks have had to jump through hoops to get their

SketchUp models into Esri’s ArcGIS

as multipatch data. Placement was difficult, and once the models were in, there was no easy way to make edits to the multipatch geometry itself.

Move your data between SketchUp 8 and ArcGIS 10

With the recent release of the 3D Editor toolbar in ArcGIS 10’s 3D Analyst extension, the process is a lot easier. Now you can not only transform and place your SketchUp models into ArcGIS as multipatch features, you can edit your multipatch features using SketchUp 8.

Gary Smith, a 3D GIS evangelist and the President of Green Mountain GeoGraphics, was good enough to share his SketchUp 8 and ArcGIS 10 workflow in the form of a video tutorial:

Thanks for sharing your knowledge with the SketchUp GIS community, Gary.

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