Hillel on Procrastination

“If not now, when?”

–Hillel (30B.C.–10A.D.)

Jewish scholar

Sales hobble…

Top 3 activities that can hobble a salesday…

  1. Talking with people who can’t move the sales process along
  2. Unnecessary research activitiesWhat’s too much? There’s really no definitive answer. It’s particular to your sales world. Many people start to get a gut feel for when they should move on. The key is to act on it and make the call (rather than making sure every little thing is known before the call – fine line, of course). You might be surprised what you can learn by asking a straightforward question of the person who answers the phone or responds to an email.
  3. “Crafting” or “drafting” a script, email, or letter

Needs to be done, but almost never during the money hours.

Always remember… A real sales day is made of contact with people. Avoid the hobble.

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