App Engine team appearances Winter 2011

The Google App Engine team has launched some significant features recently, including: High Replication Datastore, Channel API, Always On, Warm Up requests, longer 10-minute (vs. 30-second) limit for tasks, and increased API call sizes. We are excited about these features and think you will be too, so team members will be appearing at a variety of events around the world this Winter to talk about some of these features and the platform as a whole!

One of the marquee events this quarter include
PyCon, the largest gathering of Python developers from around the world, where several App Engine team members will be speaking:

Winter 2011 event appearances:

  • Jan 18 – ICT Meet Ethiopia 2011 – Addis Ababa – Richard Ngamita
  • Jan 22 – Google Hackathon (Year One Labs) – Montréal – Sean Lynch
  • Feb 1-3 – Strata – Santa Clara – Patrick Chanezon
  • Feb 14-16 – Jfokus – Stockholm – Patrick Chanezon
  • Feb 17-18 – Developer Summit – Tokyo – Takashi Matsuo
  • Feb 28-Mar 4 – Game Developers Conference – San Francisco – Fred Sauer
  • Mar 9-17 – PyCon – Atlanta – Guido van Rossum; Wesley Chun; Ikai Lan; Brett Slatkin
  • Mar 11-15 – SXSW – Austin – Sean Lynch; Greg D’alesandre
  • Mar 28-31 – Int’l WWW Conference – Hyderabad – Patrick Chanezon; Rajdeep Dua

If these aren’t close enough to you, keep an eye out on this list as we’ll add new events as they materialize. There is also a separate calendar for events featuring other Google products/APIs. For App Engine, look for posts like this throughout the year. We look forward to meeting you in 2011!

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