Foursquare Will Totally Show You the Best Spots to Pick Up Desperate Chicks

Dude…it’s like 1am and that chick you bought 5 drinks for totally bailed with her cockblocking grenade friend. SUCKS BRO! Luckily there’s this new Foursquare utility, which’ll lead us to the promised land of drunk-ass breezies down to hook up!

So this thing, called Ratio Finder or something, will make maps using stuff that Foursquare, like, um, tells them. (Bro Speak Translation: Ratio Finder pulls data from the Foursquare API and uses it to plot density maps based on gender.) Bro, we can totally creep on girls, and narrow it down to ones who are eating, shopping, or clubbing, Then it will use pink circles to tell us where there are mad chicks, and blue circles to warn us about sausagefests.

But if you don’t live in San Francisco or New York, you’re totally not getting laid…bro.

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