Partner Webcast on Feb 17 – Hosting Geospatial Imagery in the Cloud

Good afternoon! In a few weeks, Kevin Adler, one of our Bing Maps Solution Specialists, will be hosting a webcast about geospatial imagery in the cloud and its positive impact on IT costs. If you’re interested, details are below:

Today’s economy is forcing government agencies to review every aspect of the business to find new ways of reducing expenses while maintaining service. Geospatial services and specifically imagery—which is the largest amount of data and often the most expensive —is no different.

Hosting geospatial imagery in the cloud reduces the total IT cost of infrastructure as it alleviates the need of owning and maintain servers, software, and staff time to deploy solutions that include geospatial imagery. For government agencies this can serve as a single source hosted in the cloud reducing the need to maintain local server farms.

You’re invited to attend this free webcast presented by Terra Pixel, a Microsoft partner, to learn how managing your agency’s imagery services in the cloud can save taxpayer spend. Using Image Patch Cloud Service from Terra Pixel allows users to securely manage geospatial imagery in the cloud and provide uninterrupted access to your imagery through Microsoft Bing Maps API as well as OGC web services WMS, WMTS, OSGeo, etc…

Attend this webcast and learn how to: i) Reduce the total overall IT infrastructure costs
ii) Use Cloud services from Microsoft to enhance redundancy, security and simplify the challenges of working with massive amounts of data and iii) Streamline the process of updating imagery and distributing it to your customers.

To learn more and to register, please see

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