Parker on Your Mission

“We’re here to make good things happen for other people. Do that… and you’ll make good things happen for yourself.”

–Sam Parker (1965 – )

Co-founder of JustSell

Sales reflection…

Think about your work (contribution).

Whether you feel lucky or not with what you’ve been given (or earned) as your opportunity to work, you’re ultimately just a steward of it for a relatively brief period in time.

It will be handed off to someone else at some point.

If you thought of that work as being put in a box to be given to someone else, what would you want the recipient to think when they opened it up?

Wouldn’t you want it to be something that’s difficult to improve on?

Wouldn’t you want them to crack open that box… look in… smile… and say… “Wow. That’s great work.”

Open Box

No Gomos. No D-grunts.

Be Two-twelve

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