Learn more about the US Presidents by using Google Earth

Today is “President’s Day” in the United States, and Google has built a pretty neat site using the Google Earth Plug-in to show off information about all 44 presidents that we’ve had in the US.

You can view it for yourself in the U.S. Presidents Showcase page, which uses the Google Earth Plug-in and various tours to show you around. If you’d rather just explore the information on your own, as seen above, you can use this KMZ file to see them in Google Earth.

In their President’s Day blog entry, Google also points out a few other presidential items to explore in Google Earth, such as:

• A quick tour of the White House in 3D (KML)
• Valley Forge National Park (3D Warehouse)

Beyond those, here are a few other Presidential Google Earth Resources:

• The tour of all 50 State Capitol buildings, as many of the U.S. Presidents were state Governors at one time.
• Grave site locations for many of the Presidents (KMZ, via Google Earth Hacks)

If you know of other great resources to help educate on President’s Day, please leave a comment below and let us know about them!

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