The World… She Be a Changing…

The speed at which technology flows these days still impresses me. It seems like just yesterday I was watching TV on a TV, reading books on paper and listening to music on something called a walkman. My son asked me what a modem was and how it worked with my iPhone. Clearly we are all in trouble.

  • Brian Flood is correctly impressed with the World Resources Institute Reefs Map rendering 63,000 polygons with Google Fusion Tables faster than you can scream AXL.
  • Take a look at the Atlas of New South Wales.  I love how it is organized for actual people and not technologists.  I suspect it will be used quite a bit by the good folks upside-down on the other side of the world.  Take note, organize information by how people understand it to be, not by how you think it should be.  I’m not as smart as I think I am and neither are you.
  • The OpenLayers community has been sprinting in some neutral country in Europe.  The main goal, only something where they get OpenLayers to support mobile devices better.  Sounds like they have made some great progress.
  • When you see an article with “Gov 2.0″ in the title you can but not help but cringe.  That said the awesome that is TileMill is only to apparent to everyone.  CSS is the future, stop using SLD everyone.
  • Speaking of freaking amazing, how about this?  Noncontiguous cartograms in OpenLayers and Polymaps 1.  OpenLayers + Polymaps 2 is a winning combination.  God bless Ian Turton for pushing a SLD/GeoServer example 3 in the comments.
  • Do you use ArcGIS Server with OpenLayers?  Thank the Azavea guys for making that happen.
  • Lastly, lets all start putting the fork in the IT department and just name them “the help desk”.  Why we hold on to such nonsense is beyond me.  We are all IT staff tonight! 4

Have a great weekend folks, baseball is back in session!

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