Google Places Dashboard: Widespread Reports of System Error

Update 3/9 10:50: The error messages continue to be reported in the forums this morning. The most recent was at 9:39 AM. Google has yet to make a public statement about the error. Obviously, the two beers I suggested yesterday was not enough, or perhaps not enough folks with the problem followed the suggestion. I am upping the ante to 4 beers. (However any errors in judgement this might cause are solely the responsibility of the user).

There have been numerous reports in the forum this afternoon of the message:

System Error

We’re sorry, but we are unable to serve your request at this time.

Please try back in a few minutes.

Google has not used this message as a spam response in quite a long time, so the presumption is that the System is down. Take two beers and check in with me in the morning.

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