Free data, maps – unique insights

I am launching today another service which is a part of a bigger development project I am currently implementing. It is called Thematic Reports Series – free PDF download module. There is so much interesting data floating around that can be converted, with a little bit of effort, to insightful information and knowledge! The tools to do that conversion and dissemination are not integrated into end-to-end solution so, I am taking on the challenge with site to bridge the gaps. The first module was the reference map service launched just a couple of weeks ago. PDF download is the second piece in the puzzle, and more are yet to come.

I have chosen personal taxation statistics as the topic for the first free report. “Canberra’s Investment Habits by Postcode” is not an easy read but I hope it will generate some interest in the local community. Information is published as a series of interactive maps and as a hardcopy report in PDF format. Users have to sign up with to download PDF version of the report but maps are fully shareable. More on the report content in the follow up post.

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