Google Earth: The largest Street View update


Google has just pushed out a major update to their Street View imagery, in what they’re calling their biggest update yet.

This update has seen imagery updated/added to 13 countries that already had some degree of Street View imagery, including Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Romania, South Africa, Taiwan, Japan, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Part of that includes higher resolution images in parts of California (San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles and San Diego), allowing you to see amazing images like this one of the Golden Gate Bridge.



Also included in this imagery are a few new islands: Jersey, off the coast of France, and Isle of Man, located in the Irish Sea. Here is Peel Castle, located on Isle of Man (via Google Maps Mania):


Finally, don’t forget that the Street View mode was greatly enhanced with the release of Google Earth 6, making it much easier to browse this kind of imagery from within Google Earth. To enter one of these areas, or any other Street View-enabled location, simply drag the “Peg Man” from the controls in the upper right corner onto the globe.

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