How to send an invite in Google + (Google Plus)

How to send invite in Google + (Google Plus)

It’s really easy. If you have Google+ and want to share with your pals, here’s what to do:

  • Make sure the person you want to invite is already in your Google contacts. If not, you can add in Gmail.
  • From your Circles page, drag that contact into a new circle. (You have to check where it says you want to share with the person over e-mail.)
  • Now share something with the circle you just dragged the contact to. He or she will receive an e-mail that asks if they want to learn more about Google+.
  • When they click the link in their e-mail, they’ll be prompted to join.

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02/07/2011  [22:20] (GMT+3)     Not working!!!  Google seems that suspended all kind of invites …

03/07/2011 [03:40] (GMT+3)      Working!!!  With tremendous delay (sometimes 3-4 hours) invitation mail is coming, but Google still keeps joining of new user closed. It is very important sender of the invitation not to delete invitation share, because if it is deleted the link of invitation is empty.

06/07/2011 [18:40] (GMT+3)
Invitations come with long delay, but registration is currently suspended … please be patient.

07/07/2011 [03:40] (GMT+3)

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