Street View collections in Google Earth

Google has just released a huge variety of “special collections” for Street View, all of which can be seen from within Google Earth. This includes a wide variety of parks, all captured with the Street View “Trike” (a three-wheeled bicycle that has a Street View camera mounted on it). Among the parks are Kensington Gardens in London and Knuthenborg Safari Park in Denmark.

Of special note is High Line Park in New York City, an old elevated railroad track that has become a park since its closure in the 1980’s.


Not only does it look great in Street View, but Google has produced a short video to tell you a bit more about the High Line and what makes it special:

If you’re not familiar with how Street View works in Google Earth, check out this post for a quick overview. Be sure to check out Google’s “Parks of the World” Gallery to see some of these amazing new Street View sights. (via Google Lat Long Blog)

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