UAVVision’s AIS_Orbit Software

Aerial Information System, (Orbit) is a system we have written for Emergency Management and disaster management, it is capable of giving you Geo-References, accurate down to 1m, all the operator needs to do is point the camera at the Point of Interest and click the target acquisition button and the software will add the target to its internal and also internet based database. This information is uploaded live via the 3G mobile network along with the two video sources, in this case Daylight and Infra-Red, depending on the network speed we can get 8-10 Frames per second at 320×288 resolution using the latest in H.264 encoding with approx 4 seconds of delay when viewing on the ground over a standard broadband connection, the users on the ground also have a map displayed such as the screen you can see in this clip, all the data is available live and can be viewed by 1000’s of users thanks to the Mysql database handling.