Map Channels is now available for mobile phone

New v4 Map Channels

Map Channels ‘Map Place Maps’ is now available for mobile phone.

Mobile Place Maps are a quick and convenient method of providing a place map, plus the route to get there.”

Map Channels Mobile Place Maps

Map Channels Mobile Place Maps is available here:

The successful Map Channels has been updated once again with some more useful tools.

“Map Channels lets users easily embed maps into websites and blogs. A number of tools are available to create maps from KML, GeoRSS or spreadsheet map data. A range of features and options let you customize the map appearance to meet a range of mapping needs. “

New v4 Map Channels

What is New?


  • Search facility is now powered by the Google Places API.
  • User can define a list of localities, giving quick links to map locations.
  • The footer bar can be customized by using a HTML template to show categories, layers and localities.
  • An information panel can be used in addition to the info window to display detailed place information.

User Interface Improvements

  • A map is provided to (optionally) set the initial map centre and zoom level.
  • A preview of the feed data is displayed (useful to spot if an incorrect feed url has been supplied).
  • Additional help for setting up a data feed.

Map Channels Editor (users are required to login to create a map)

New v4 Map Channels Editor

Map Channels

View the v4 Demo Map (as above)