Bernhardt on Emptying the Tank

“Life begets life. Energy creates energy. It is by spending oneself
that one becomes rich.”

–Sarah Bernhardt (1844–1923)

French actress and writer

Sales thought…

There’s nothing more powerful to the salesday than enthusiasm. It excites everyone to positive action…

  • you
  • your team
  • your prospect
  • the new customer you just brought on board
  • the internal department responsible for the delivery of what you just sold
  • the receptionist who talks with your prospects and customers first

As you work with your people today (and tomorrow) your level of enthusiasm will impact all of them (one way or the other). What do you want your impact to be?

(If you’ve not seen it, here are a couple of enthusiastic minutes (video) of my boys getting lost in their work.)


The ‘empty the tank’ reference in the subject line of this email comes from an inspiring quote from Jon Stewart talking about Bruce Springsteen (that’s a mouthful). That and Stewart’s complete introduction are here.

Olympic Park Survey Map

Olympic Park Ordnance Survey Map

Olympic Park Ordnance Survey Map
Olympic Park Ordnance Survey Map Progress

“Hopefully it will give you a taster of the development that has taken place on the site since 2001 and the contribution that Civil Engineers have made.”

Full PDF available at

Building your own client provides a great collection of resources and, as Jack explains below, allows other people to discover the work ESRI users are doing. includes a cool website, but as we learned when developing the Geoportal Extension, it also provides a RESTful interface. This meant we could offer users of the Geoportal Extension access to the information others are sharing through

In the Geoportal Extension we allow distributed searches to go to We implemented this early on in our contribution to the Group on Earth Observation

Realizing that many organizations aren’t waiting for yet another portal, we developed a simple mechanism to integrate a search widget into any web page that would allow searching Geoportals. This has resulted in an HTML widget that can be embedded with 2 simple lines of HTML. By default this widget searches the Geoportal it is part of. But hold on, there’s more!

The Geoportal can search external catalogs, including ones that implement the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Catalog Service for the Web (CS-W), but since 9.3.1 it can also search…! Try it at the GEO Portal by going to the search page and selecting from the ‘search in’ dialog. You’ll notice it searches with the keywords you give. This means any Geoportal 9.3.1+ is a client to

But back to the widget.

Directing the searches from the widget to is possible by adding a parameter that instructs the Geoportal to direct the searches to the identified remote site. And thus here is a widget that searches All it took was a minimal HTML like this:

<p>Search widget for >
<script type="text/javascript"