King on The Crazy Ones


“Almost always the creative, dedicated minority has made the world better.”

– Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929–1968)

American civil rights leader

Nobel Peace Prize winner

What if…

John and Abigail Adams had been more concerned with themselves and work/life balance than creating a democracy?

What if… Abraham Lincoln had quit trying after having a business go under and losing his first local legislative race?

What if… Martin Luther King didn’t have a dream and played it safe (and didn’t travel over 6 million miles giving more than 2500 speeches). What if he thought he was too young to have an impact?

What if… Gandhi, Teresa, Roosevelt, Ford, Disney, Walton, Gates, Winfrey, Jobs, Stewart, and Ash hadn’t stepped up and worked hard. (What if the thousands of people who supported them hadn’t?) What if your police, military, firefighters didn’t?

What if… No one pushed it, risked it, and pushed it again?

Be obligated to your world.

Google Earth: The Flooding in London

He’s back now with an updated file that generates some slick animations to fly you to London and to animate the rising water. Try it yourself with this KMZ file.

london.jpgMaking it even better is all of the additional 3D buildings that have been added to London this year, making things look much more realistic and helping to show the depth of the water.