Introducing the Maps API Demo Gallery

Posted by Pamela Fox, Google Maps API Team

Why re-invent the wheel when you can copy and paste our wheel instead?

In the Google Maps API group and in my Inbox, developers often ask me questions such as “How do I draw a circle on the map?” or “How do I create groups of toggle-able markers?” Most of those questions are answered in the usage of little demo applications that I or one of our great external developers have put together. Previously, you have had to hunt through multiple places — blog posts, developer sites, and group posts — to find links to those demos. Well, start saving your hunting skills for the inevitable apocalypse. Our new Maps API Demo Gallery aggregates these demos togther, displaying a gallery of 40+ mini-applications with thumbnails, descriptions, and easy-to-read source code. Check out a standalone embedded version of this gallery below, and contact me if you’d like some of your own demos included in it.