TripAdvisor Blocking Google From Reviews?

The plot thickens in regard to the missing TripAdvisor reviews., reports that:

Google is no longer able to stream in reviews from TripAdvisor to Places pages after the user review giant blocked it.

TripAdvisor confirmed the move today in an email, stating that while it continues to evaluate recent changes to Google Places it believes the user does not benefit with the “experience of selecting the right hotel”.

“As a result, we have currently limited TripAdvisor content available on those pages,” an official says.

As an official states today, TripAdvisor has decided to restrict its reviews from appearing in Google Places (the company also confirmed the earlier technical problem running, purely coincidentally, as the same time as its limitation exercise).

I do not have confirmation of the TripAdvisor comments (I have a call into them) and they stand in stark contrast to a comment that a Google spokesperson made yesterday about the missing reviews that “We’re aware of a technical issue in which TripAdvisor reviews are sometimes not appearing in results for Google Places, and our team is working to resolve the matter.”

This while searches today are in fact showing TripAdvisor reviews in Places Search results: