Theophrastus on Cash


Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend.”

– Theophrastus (372 BC – 287 BC)

Greek philosopher

If you’re not earning the income you’d like to earn, ask yourself…

“Am I working like someone who makes $X thousand a year… someone who makes roughly $Y every money hour* of the day?”

Are you valuing your time at that level? If not, who will?

  • $50,000 = $25 every money hour
  • $75,000 = $37 every money hour
  • $100,000 = $50 every money hour (almost $1 a minute)
  • $120,000 = $60 every money hour ($1 a minute)
  • $150,000 = $75 every money hour
  • $200,000 = $100 every money hour
  • $250,000 = $125 every money hour (more than $2 a minute)

Hanh on The Foundation


“The mind is the
ground of everything.

–Thich Nhat Hanh (1926 – )

Vietnamese scholar and activist

How are you kicking off your salesday?

Are you preparing your mind with solid thought, information, and support? Are you allowing the right radio or TV personalities to get you ready (are any of them good… share one)? The right news or material? The right people at the office?

Be careful to what you give your attention. It all has an influence on you. (And kicking it is much more fun than mediocrity… or worse.)

Feed your mind well. It’s where action starts.

Seneca on Procrastination


“Lay hold of today’s task and
you will not depend so much
upon tomorrow’s.”

–Lucius Annaeus Seneca (4B.C.–65A.D.)

Roman philosopher and statesman

Today is 20% of your salesweek.

Two salesdays are 10% of your month. (A salesmonth is made up of roughly 21 days.)

To lose only two salesdays each month to fatigue or a desire to wait for a better day to make the call would be to lose more than a full month of salesdays each year.

Imagine if your income reflected your slow days… and know that in the long run, it probably does.

36 salesdays remain in the quarter. Tic toc.