Google Docs Capabilities

Assemble a team of talented artists, give them Google’s cloud-based presentation app and then marvel at their results. This is definitely not your father’s PowerPoint presentation, with 450 pages crammed into the quickest 89 seconds we’ve ever seen.

Created by three artists who call themselves Tu+, Namroc, and Metcalf, it took a mere three days for these three far-flung virtuosos to perform some serious kung fu on 450 pages. And they didn’t use any trickery such as 3D animation applications at all. Just Google Docs.

They put the animation together for Google Demo Slam, a Google website where each week, two teams are invited to compete against each other using Google technology in unexpected ways. Each demo must be completed in less than two minutes. The competition started on October 20, 2010 and continues until January 30, 2011.
The new heroes of telecommuters everywhere, these guys created all this magic from three separate locations, too. Who knew Google Docs could be so powerful?