The New Google Menu

I haven’t been following Google tests other than in local but this new black menu appears in everything BUT Maps, News and Gmail:

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Google Testing New SSSerps?

That’s not a speech impediment, nor a typo in the headline…. It’s a new acronym for our industry: Super Short Search Enginge Results Page.

It appears that Google is once again testing local results in a very abbreviated page. These were first spotted by Youssaf (@ysekand) in the UK in September and again by Sebasten Socha in Germany in December but I had not yet seen them reported in the US. The fact that they are still being tested is of interest.

This screen shot was captured last night in a single go and is unedited. Click to view larger:

Here is a second example (although it was longer and is a stitched image):

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Mazda 6 Carputer w/ StreetDeck

I recently upgraded my car PC from a laptop to a mini ITX system. New parts include: – Intel D201GLY2 Motherboard – 1GB Kingston DDR2 RAM – 80GB Hitachi Hard Drive – M2-ATX PSU – MCS Mini ITX Case TOTAL COST OF UPGRADE: $375 I also upgraded the front end software to StreetDeck. I was previously using Road Runner, which is freeware