Google Earth: The Harrisburg Capitol Complex


As I’ve mentioned on here on GEB a few times, I love high-quality 3D models. I think they add a lot to the Google Earth experience, and I enjoy highlighting users that create awesome models.

In the past we’ve shown you work from people like Andy Dell and companies such as Estate3D and CyberCity3D. Today I want to show you some of the work from Steve Cline of Urban 3D Modeling.



He lives in Harrisburg, PA and built out much of the downtown area in 3D. In his words:

“As a resident of Harrisburg I wanted to show off the beautiful architecture and history of our state capitol complex. All the state government buildings are clustered into a dense complex that is bisected by State Street. The principle entrance from the east is the State Street Bridge which passes through two towering pylons as you enter directly into the Capitol Building and surrounding complex. Most of the complex buildings are a mix of neoclassical design and some art deco influence from the later additions. Of the 15 buildings in this collection my personal favorites are the Keystone Building, Judicial Center, and Forum Building. The only building not done by me was the previously done Capitol Building.”

You can find all of the models in Google earth, and he’s also put them together in a collection in the 3D Warehouse. For a quick look at all he’s done, you can use this KMZ tour to fly around and see it all.

For more on Urban 3D Modeling, you can check out their website, follow them on Twitter or connect with them on Facebook.