King on Confidence and Purpose

“Almost always the creative, dedicated minority has made
the world better.”

–Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929–1968)
American civil rights leader
Nobel Peace Prize winner

Sales inspiration…

Martin Luther King lived for just over 39 years.

He traveled over six million miles, spoke on over 2500 occasions, became an icon for civil rights, was Time magazine’s Man of the Year at age 35, and won the 1964 Nobel Peace Prize.

When you have some time (outside the money hours or on a well-earned break), enjoy his “I Have a Dream” speech (he was 34 when he delivered it at the Lincoln Memorial… unreal), read his Nobel Prize acceptance, or listen to this quick audio clip (love this) from his Drum Major Instinct sermon for a little inspiration (full text of the speech).


Hayes on Rust and Rest

“If you rest, you rust.”

–Helen Hayes (1900–1993)

American actress

Academy, Emmy, Tony, and Grammy winner

Today is 20% of your salesweek.

Two salesdays are 10% of your month.

To have only two ‘slow days’ each month is equivalent to having one full month of ‘slow days’ each year.

In sales, we can’t allow slow days – it directly impacts our income (and our company’s income).

Imagine if your income reflected your slow days… and know that in the long run, it probably does.

52 salesdays remain in the quarter. Tic toc.

(who should you remind?)


(too bad it’s Friday – the last sales day of the week)


Mellor on Crossing The Line

“Whatever it takes,
that’s what I do.

–David Mellor (1963 – )

American groundskeeper

Director of Grounds, Fenway Park

Sales inspiration…

What if…

John and Abigail Adams had been more concerned with themselves and work/life balance than creating a democracy (if you’ve not seen the HBO miniseries – great stuff)?

What if… Abraham Lincoln (born on 2/12) had quit trying after having a business go under and losing his first local legislative race (and then 3 congressional races and 2 senatorial races)?

What if… Martin Luther King didn’t have a dream and played it safe (and didn’t travel over 6 million miles giving more than 2500 speeches). What if he thought he was too young to have an impact (he did everything he did in a life of only 39 years)?

What if… Gandhi, Teresa, Roosevelt, Ford, Disney, Walton, Gates, Winfrey, Jobs, Stewart, and Ash hadn’t stepped up and worked hard. (What if the thousands of people who supported them hadn’t?) What if your police, military, firefighters didn’t?

What if… No one pushed it, risked it, and pushed it again (and again)?

Be obligated to your world (your customers, your people). Be SalesTough.

(57 salesdays remain in the quarter. Get your 2011 printable salesdays.)