Massive artwork in Google Earth


Over the past 13 years sculptor Andrew Rogers, with the help of over 6,700 volunteers, has created 47 structures in 13 different countries.



The structures are large enough to be seen using Google Earth, which is why Andrew put together a Google Earth tour to show them all off. You can download the tour here and see all of his great works of art. One great feature of the tour is that it is designed to automatically switch to historical imagery when it provides a better view of the art work, showing each piece off in the best possible imagery.

North Atlantic: No Fish Here


Plenty More Fish in the Sea?

Drawing on data from this study, David McCandless maps the decline in North Atlantic fish stocks over the past century. “Today’s fishing quotas and policies for example are attempting to reset fish stocks to the levels of ten or twenty years ago. But as you can see from the visualization, we were already plenty screwed back then.”

Electric vehicle charging stations on Google Maps

At Google, we’ve been supporting environmentally-friendly cars through initiatives such as RechargeIT, an effort to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles. As consumers embrace electric vehicles, we’ve also been adding information to Google Maps over the past few months to help users find charging stations. Just search on Google Maps for “ev charging station” plus the appropriate area, for example, “ev charging station near mountain view ca.”

We’d like to continue adding more charging stations to Google Maps, so we’re excited that our friends over at the the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) are working to make more data available.

NREL has launched the GeoEVSE Forum to help develop a detailed, accurate database of electric vehicle charging stations. We’ll be adding more EV charging locations to Google Maps as their database, and others, are updated. As always, you can use the Report a problem tool to inform us of any corrections.

If you represent an automaker, an electric vehicle charging station manufacturer or installer, an EV consumer group or any other interested party, you can join the GeoEVSE Forum by visiting this site.

We look forward to adding even more information to Google Maps to help you recharge your electric vehicle. Happy green driving!