The Latitude history in Google Earth


If you use Google Latitude, you’ve likely tried to view your travels in Google Earth. However, when you go into Latitude to export it, you’ll find that it only can do a single day at a time. Fortunately, Don Barker of GIS-Elektrika has posted a very simple workaround.



When exporting to KML, the URL that it generates contains a “startTime” and “endTime”. By manually adjusting those numbers, you can get a whole range of dates in a single file! Don advises that you just enter some lower random numbers to make it happen, but the Ask Metafilter post that started this idea has some additional tips.

Do you use Google Latitude? I have it enabled on my phone, but tend to use Foursquare more often. Still, the potential of Latitude is quite amazing, and it’ll be interesting to see what Google does with it in the future.

Jung on Tense Opportunities


“The greater the tension, the greater is the potential.

– Carl Jung (1875–1961)

Swiss psychiatrist

Embrace the objections of your prospects and customers.

Right now and over the next several weeks, position in your mind the regular objections you hear as not only an inevitable step to bringing in more business, but also a positive step. Objections confirm a level of need or desire for your product or service and help you better determine the next steps you should take in a sales process. For the prospect, it’s your responses to the objections that help validate or support their buying decision.

This is the reason the responses to your top objections (those you and your team hear most often) must be planned and prepared with a professional’s level of attention.

The keys… Appreciate. Validate. Be direct.

Urbanflow Helsinki

Urbanflow Helsinki is a concept by Nordkapp and Urbanscale to envision and build an operating system for everyday life in the cities.

Urbanflow Helsinki from Nordkapp on Vimeo.

This concept is a first of many, and revolves mainly around the situated screens and their potential use cases. Please check back here and in August for more detailed information about the case and it’s background.

We like the last line – ‘it will happen somewhere, lets make it happen here’. We used almost the same line in terms of London only yesterday with regards a different project… it will happen somewhere and we really hope to see Urbanflow in Helsinki soon.