Awesome Russian Military Trucks!

Russian Military Trucks – part 1 – KAMAZ

Russian Military Trucks – part 2 – BTR 80

Russian Military Trucks – part 3 – URAL

Russian Military Trucks – part 4 – ZIL

Russian Military Trucks – part 5 – BAZ

Russian Military Trucks – part 6 – MAZ

Russian Military Trucks – part 7 – GAZ Tiger

Респект Авторов! Спасибо, большое!

Google Code-in Check-in

We wanted to do a quick check-in on Google Code-in to let you know how the contest is going. We are just over four weeks into the contest – more than halfway. We’re quite excited about the participation thus far and hope more of you are planning to get involved in the coming days.
As of today we have more than 290 participants who have completed at least one task. There have been 813 tasks completed by all our student participants so far for a combined point total of 1,605. Points are calculated according to difficulty of the task: “Hard” tasks are worth 4 points, “Medium” tasks are worth 2 points, and “Easy” tasks are worth 1 point.
We’re also quite impressed with the international representation we’ve gotten from the contest – over 75% of our participants are from outside the United States. Our top 10 participating countries in order are: United States, Romania, Bulgaria, Russian Federation, Poland, Canada, Germany, India, Italy, and Belarus.
We would love to have more students participate! There are currently over 400 tasks that are unclaimed and need someone to work on them.
Remember, the contest ends on January 10, 2011. Don’t delay, claim a task today!

Hermitage Plaza: Architectural Visualisation by Uniform

Uniform recently completed a short film for Foster + Partners, for their Hermitage Plaza scheme in La Defence, Paris. The film premiered to an audience including Vladimir Putin amongst others at the Russian National Exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris.

The film was integral to the launch of the development’s campaign for planning permission and also building an international profile. When complete in 2016, the two towers will be the tallest mixed-use towers in Western Europe, at a staggering 323m!

Hermitage’s CEO Emin Iskenderov had strong ideas for the film so Uniform worked closely with him to create a series of sequences that not only told the story of the scale and the architecture but also attempted to show the Paris lifestyle that the towers will bring to an otherwise quite area of the city’s business district.

Within an ambitious timescale, Uniform delivered two aerial film shoots over Paris, a large scale Green Screen shoot, they even managed to squeeze in a spaceship and we love it…