Samsung Galaxy Tab

The Galaxy S™ 4G has a brilliant screen to entertain you, and an HD camcorder to capture and share the best moments in life. Whether you’re watching live sports, streaming your favorite shows, or video chatting face-to-face with Qik™, your on-the-go time just got better.
Stream your favorite shows and NBA games on T-Mobile TV with mobile HD. Plus, get 30 days free of T-Mobile TV Prime, which has additional channels of live and on-demand TV, and full episodes of top shows.
Video chat powered by Qik™ makes it easy to share any moment with friends and family. Start a live two-way video chat to share what’s happening, or capture all the amazing details of the moment in a Video Mail if you can’t connect live.
Be a part of the action when you take video in HD, wherever you are. Capture every detail in 720-pixel resolution; then share your videos right from your phone via e-mail, social networks, or video-sharing sites.
INCEPTION is just the beginning. You can rent or buy thousands of movies on Samsung® Media Hub. Listen to your favorite music with Slacker® Radio, or synch to iTunes® with doubleTwist®. And catch up on your favorite reading with Kindle for Android™.
The Galaxy S™ 4G has hardware that puts it in a class of its own, like a stunning, Super AMOLED screen and 16GB of storage. Wi-Fi, Android™ 2.2, and Google Maps™ complete the package for a seamless experience, everywhere you go.

Нова версия на Skype за Android

Преди няколко дни се появи нова версия на приложението Skype за Android, като най-доволни, най-вероятно ще бъдат собствениците на Samsung Galaxy S. Новото приложение може да се инсталира без проблеми на телефоните от тази серия. Това ще бъде възможно, разбира се, само ако сте с Android 2.2/Froyo. За съжаление, Froyo е едно от основните изисквания на приложение за Galaxy S. Благодарение на това, обаче, ще може да поставите Skype в memory картата на устройството. Приложението заема около 15 MB.

Както повечето потребители се досещат, приложението позволява провеждането на безплатни Skype-to-Skype разговори. Разменянето на съобщения, както и общите чатове също са възможни. Освен това, Skype позволява и разговори с фиксирани и мобилни мрежи, но за тях се заплаща.

За да изтеглите приложението, влезте в от телефона си, или сканирайте изображението по-долу:

Ако искате да видите кои други устройства поддържат Skype за Android, натиснете тук.

Google: 2010 No Chrome OS computers!

Google CEO Eric Schmidt confirmed that because of delay due to technical problems with the operating system Chrome OS before the end of this year will be on sale any netbook or tablet based on this work.Previously, it was announced that the placing of devices with this operating system will be delayed by several months.

The company will keep putting a cloud operating system until at least early 2011. Schmidt said that Chrome OS is now “a few months of its launch.More accurate release date yet, has it gone, but until recently the company intended to launch Chrome OS this month. So the first laptops and tablets based on the Chrome OS can occur around the spring of 2011.

Furthermore, he assured that the Chrome OS can work not only on netbooks, but also on tablets and other portable devices.”The code of this system is open and therefore it will work on any device,” he said.

Speaking of differences between Chrome OS and Android, Schmidt said that the first is more “computer” functionality is also designed for devices with a keyboard, and Android is targeting mainly sensory smartphones.He admitted that the two systems are similar both in spirit and in technology. We recall that the initial basis for Chrome OS serve as Ubuntu Linux, although the process of development it was changed almost beyond recognition, which it is distanced from Ubuntu enough.

You will remember that Google originally published the source code of Chrome OS prior year, announced that the companies Acer, Asus, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo and Toshiba are interested in this development and said they plan to market notebooks Based on this system in November or December 2010.In September, Google announced that work on the system is on schedule, but now the company acknowledged that the system still lags behind it.

Internet giant did not announce the exact reasons for the delay, but it is believed that the delay is probably caused by the desire to strengthen the orientation of the Chrome OS tablets in order to better compete with Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab.