Google Street View with a Date

The Google Earth Blog noticed that Google Maps Street View images now come with a date telling you when the panoramas were taken.

If you look at the bottom left hand corner of a Street View image you can now view the month and year when the picture was taken.

Another nice little feature I’ve noticed Google Maps testing recently is the highlighting of search results. For a while now when you search for a location in Google it has shown a map with the searched area highlighted. Google have been testing this feature in Google Maps as well.

This feature still seems to be very much in the testing stage. I noticed the feature was working this morning but this afternoon it no longer seems to be working for me.

Finally, in Chrome (but not in Firefox and IE for me) the satellite button in Google Maps now shows the satellite view directly beneath the button.


Beautiful Google Earth Layers 2: Satellites database

Database of about 12,000 man-made objects in Earth orbit. These objects are tracked U.S. Strategic Command and includes various collector, retired satellites and rockets left over from the launch.

The database is updated in real time every 30 seconds, and detailed information about each object, including the owner, date of start-up and visualization of orbits can be viewed in Google Earth by clicking on the object.

Download .kml file

Google Earth: Importing Models and Textures

Another wonderful function of Google Earth is the ability to import high-resolution images to overlay on your terrain, or import models created from other sources (ie a Golden Gate Bridge model for San Francisco)