Frank on Sparks and Possibility

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”

–Anne Frank (1929–1945)
Dutch diarist

“Work is born in us. We take to it kindly or unkindly. The terms may be easy or harsh, but the contract is binding.”

Studs Terkel (1912–2008)
American writer, journalist, broadcaster
Pulitzer Prize winner

Everything begins with our attitude toward our work – to how we contribute. We should be sure to guard and nurture that attitude.

Terkel’s bestselling book Working was published 37 years ago as an oral history of “people talking about what they do all day and how they feel about what they do”.

David Sparks’s Election Maps

The above video, which animates those maps to show nearly a century of presidential politics in just over a minute, is particularly dramatic. That said, David’s other work is also worth a look, including his attempt at k-means redistricting — redrawing electoral districts based on a minimum mean distance from each district’s centre — a link to which he sent me last month and I’ve been saving for you.