OpenSocial Meetup in RTP, North Carolina

The first Enterprise OpenSocial interop was last week with a number of participants testing container and gadget interoperability. One of the things we took away from the conversation was the need to reach out and engage a broader audience, including application developers who may not be as focused on Apache Shindig or the OpenSocial specification work.

In order to promote the standards work and share new features that are coming soon, a number of OpenSocial members have pulled together in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, to host our first OpenSocial RTP Meetup on November 30, 2010. Here are a few ideas to get the conversation going for the first meeting:

  • An introduction to OpenSocial
  • Getting started with Apache Shindig
  • ActivityStreams integration with OpenSocial
  • How to use the new Pub/Sub feature in OpenSocial 1.1

This is a B.Y.O.G event!! (Bring Your Own Gadgets) — We’ll try to do a test/interop session. This will be an informal gathering and we’re open to topics, interests and questions, so please jump in and update the wiki page with your ideas. Please be sure to RSVP for the event so that we can get an accurate count.

Note: Because of spammers, we’ve had to turn off open registration to the OpenSocial wiki. If you need an ID, simply e-mail the coordinators or post a request on the OpenSocial Community group.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Posted on behalf of Andy Smith (IBM), by Mark Weitzel, President, OpenSocial Foundation

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