Update on Marketplace Billing API

Nearly 3 months ago we announced a preview of the Google Apps Marketplace billing feature. Based on feedback we’ve received over this time from trusted testers and other early adopters, we are closing the preview for new developers and will launch a significant update later this year.

For the next version, we’re working on making the billing features both easier to integrate with and easier for customers to use. Additional changes will enable us to innovate faster with expanded country support, payment options, and other exciting features due later on. Version 2 of the licensing API will continue to be supported throughout these changes.

Developers using the preview implementation can continue to do so until the new version is available and customers are transitioned. Those just getting started with the Marketplace are encouraged to use their own payment solution until the new version is available.

Please let us know if you have any questions by posting in the Google Apps Marketplace API forum.

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