All file types to any Google Account

Over the next few days we will be rolling out an expansion to the feature set of the Google Documents List API. Third-party applications may now upload files of any type to any Google Account. Previously, this was only possible for Google Apps for Business users.

This feature allows developers to roll out their solutions to all Google Docs users. For instance, it’s now possible for developers to build applications that allow all users to back up files from their local hard drive to the cloud. There are a variety of other possible uses for this feature, and some examples include revision control and file distribution. Third-party applications (such as those on the Google Apps Marketplace) can also now use Google Docs as the primary place to store their data without the hassle of creating different solutions for customers of Google Apps for Business versus the free edition of Google Apps.

After they are uploaded, files are available in the Google Docs interface:

To enable uploads for all file types, developers must use the resumable upload feature of the API, and also pass in the ?convert=false URL parameter.

We have also added checksums to all files that are not converted to a native Google Docs format. This means that if you upload a file type we can’t convert, or if you choose not to convert a file to a native format, a checksum is now available to help guarantee the integrity of the file between storage and retrieval.

We are also in the process of adding checksums to all previously uploaded unconverted files. Due to the popularity of uploading unconverted files, processing this backlog will take some time to complete.

We’ve recently made a lot of improvements to the documentation that should make implementing all of this easier. For further help, please have a look in the forum.

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