Google IO: A Developer’s Dream Combination

Google IO this year, Brad Abrams and Xavier Ducrohet gave a great presentation on how to use GPE 2.4 to build an App Engine connected Android application. Here’s a snippet from Brad’s blog, as well as a link to the full post.

Xavier Ducrohet and I had a great time today demoing “BigDaddy” which is the codename for the Google Plugin for Eclipse 2.4 Beta that we released today.

I started off with the following products installed:

Eclipse Helios, Android Developments Tools and, of course the Google Plugin for Eclipse 2.4 beta.

Our goal is to create a task tracking application for Larry Page. As he takes over as CEO, Larry has a lot of tasks that he needs to track and this app will help him (and the rest of us) track tasks…

The full blog post can be found here: Google IO Session Overview: Android + App Engine: A Developer’s Dream Combination.

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