Beautiful Google Earth: Google Moon Overlays

This collection of plates of the moon was originally created before Google to launch it. Amazing version of Google Moon (View | Explore menu in Google Earth). I’ll come back refreshed and original collection of moon pads to remove duplicate data, remove some dead links and add your company’s data Google Moon. Unfortunately, I can not get NASA / JPL lunar WMS server or card-Planet WMS Server for use with Google Earth, so that the pads were removed.

The following sections include:

Features – In the field, about 9,000 craters and other parts of the Moon (Originally compiled by Jonathan McDowell).
Topography – Color shaded relief map of the Moon from the U.S. Geological Survey.
Color – Color Mosaic from Arizona State University resource for Space Studies.
High resolution – black and white image from Clementine mission to the original image at Northwestern University. This is similar to a visible layer images in Google Moon. I think my version is a little more detail than Google Moon, when increased close to the surface.

Just open the KML file with Google Earth. Google Earth has to ask if you want to switch to the moon mode.

Download .KML file

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