GpsGate Server can do more than real time GPS tracking


GpsGate Server can do more than real time GPS tracking.

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In addition to real time GPS tracking GpsGate Server has advanced functionality to help solve business issues, improve productivity and enhance the user experience.

Cool GpsGate Server functionality:

  • Vehicle and Alarm Clustering: Group multiple objects to improve visibility on busy maps
  • Roles, Views and Workspaces: Manage your users access and adapt the user interface to their tasks
  • Event Rule Wizard: Set up new business rules and alerts in minutes
  • Dynamic Tags: Configure views that automatically show the “right” vehicles on the map
  • GpsGate Mobile: Manage your fleet from your iPhone and Android devices
  • Device Manager: Batch management of multiple tracking devices
  • One-click updates: Update your server and add new features directly in the web interface

GpsGate helps you simplify and improve your business!
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GpsGate Reporting

We have published a guide that shows you how to setup and configure your own reports in GpsGate Server. You can use this guide to understand how to change the standard GpsGate Reports and how to add new ones.

GpsGate Reporting Guide

Get GpsGate Server!

GpsGate Server has a freelicense for five users both for private and commercial use.

Download GpsGate Server

Track your laptop with GpsGate Client

You can track your laptop on GpsGate Server using the free GpsGate Client.

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GpsGate video tutorials

GpsGate videos
Have a look at our collection of video tutorials to get familiar with GpsGate Server.

GpsGate videos

Is your GPS tracking device supported?

GpsGate Server supports well over 100 different tracking devices. New devices are added all the time!

Supported device list



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