Playing GeoGames in Google Earth

We’ve seen a lot of games built on top of Google Earth over the past few years, including some great ones such as GE War, Ships, Helicopters and the Apollo 11 Moon Lander.

Today we have a new game from CyberCity3D, who last month showed off a slick new map for Vixen’s L.A. Happy Hours. This latest game is part of their new site:


The scavenger hunt-style game itself isn’t too exciting, but it’s very well crafted. You use a variety of clues to search around the city for prize boxes. As long as you’re comfortable with the Google Earth controls, moving around to find the clues can be a fun little adventure. They also include “lifelines” to fly you there automatically if you get stuck.

The great part is that they’re offering real prizes to those that win, including some $5 Starbucks and Subway gift cards. They’re not huge prizes, but they’re a fun little reward for spending a few minutes playing a game!


Head out to and try their first game, titled “Globe Quest”. Be on the look out for more games coming from them soon, and you can join their Facebook Page to stay in the loop when new games are released.