Google Earth: New Imagery – December

Google Earth has just rolled out some fresh imagery for us!


As is almost always the case, you can use Google Maps to determine for sure whether or not a specific area is fresh. This new imagery isn’t in Google Maps yet, so you can compare Earth vs. Maps to see what’s new; the fresh imagery is already in Google Earth, but the old imagery is still in Google Maps. If you compare the two side-by-side and they’re not identical, that means that you’ve found a freshly updated area in Google Earth!

  • France: Demigny, Paris — thanks ‘Andreas’
  • Germany: Angermunde, Delmenhorst — thanks ‘Andreas’
  • India: Chennai
  • Norway: Jorpeland — thanks ‘Andreas’
  • Romania: Oradea — thanks ‘bogdan’
  • Spain: Barcelona
  • Thailand: Ratchaburi — thanks ‘Andy’
  • United States: Arkansas (Pine Bluff), Georgia (Athens)

3D Building now appearing in London, Paris, Barcelona, and more

Since early 2007, Google Maps has made maps more lifelike by showing 3D building outlines when zoomed into cities. If you’re planning to walk down a street, you should know whether to expect low buildings, skyscrapers, or some cool architecture! Then the release of Google Maps 5.0 for Android ushered in the next-generation of mobile maps where you can rotate, tilt, and zoom in and out of 3D maps on a mobile device.

Now, 3D buildings are available in London, Paris, Barcelona, Stockholm, Singapore, Lisbon, Boulder, and 11 major cities in South Africa. These buildings will appear in both Google Maps and Google Maps for mobile.

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Ellis Park Stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa

3D buildings in London and Barcelona
Enjoy the new buildings from Boulder to Bloemfontein!