Buddy on The Upside Down Frown

“I just like to smile.
Smiling’s my favorite.

–Buddy the Elf
from the film, Elf (2003)

Sales smiles…

Last year around this time, I got interested in the business of Christmas and the reason we celebrate it.

It surprised me.

Something called Saturnalia came first.

If you’re interested, you can read more about it here on my personal blog. As I look back at it now, I can see hints of my most recent booklet, Love Your People.

In regard to today’s quote, I thought I’d share a favorite picture of mine that illustrates how much of a difference a smile can make…

Super Bowl Cardinals Wide Receivers

I took it during Super Bowl XLIII from my TV.

Which receiver would you rather have lunch with?


Glengarry Glen Ross fans: Saturday Night Live’s seasonal take on the classic scene, “Coffee’s for closers.” Only worth the time if you’ve seen the film or actual scene more than twice (4.5 minutes).