Garmin Opie’s Treasure Chest Sweepstakes

True to his nature, Opie has been stashing away a whole lot of geocaching goodies for the coming winter. It came as no surprise, really, until we saw just how much stuff he had piled up. But after some conversations and coercion, he’s agreed to share his stockpile with his fellow cache creators at – but he wants to make it interesting. So throughout October we’ll be giving away his products as prizes to cache creators, and the prizes get bigger and better as more caches get created.

For starters, for every 100 caches created, we’ll give away an starter kit to a lucky participant until we reach 1,000 new caches. Once we top 1,000 new caches, we’ll give away a Dakota 20 to one randomly selected cache creator. Crossing the 2,000 cache mark will trigger an Oregon 450t giveaway. And as soon as we hit 3,000 new caches logged at, we’ll be giving away a GPSMAP 62stc – and we’ll give one of those away for every thousand caches created thereafter until the end of the month.

Every cache created qualifies as an entry, and to make things even easier, we provide a page to easily import caches you may have listed on other sites to help spread the word about your creations. And in the end, everyone comes out ahead because they’ll have thousands of new caches to find and log. While this specific sweepstakes is open to U.S. and Canadian residents, our offices around the world have been brainstorming – and announcing – exciting promotions for their respective countries as well.

Garmin Chicago gives away a Nüvi

It seems like each day more and more of our social lives become location-based. You  can check in here, tag your friends there, or even sign-up for location-based deals. As a company whose products are location-centric, we totally get where you’re coming from (and we like helping you get where you’re going to). So when we heard about theReady to Move You nüvi 2012 line-up, we thought, let’s reward ourFacebook and Twitter friends who love Garmin just as much as they love checking in.

We’re giving away a nüvi in our 2012 advanced series to whichever of you is the foursquare mayor of the Garmin Chicago Store the moment those models hit our shelves! All you have to do is stop by the store on Michigan Avenue, check in – often – and follow @Garmin_Chicago on Twitter for updates.

We can’t say exactly when we’ll get these new models – which feature Guidance 2.0 with 3D Traffic and photoReal Junction View – but we’re pretty sure it’ll be mid-September. So you’ll want to be sure you’re checking in as often as possible. Remember, only one person can be mayor at the time, and whoever that is when the official “in-stock” update goes out over Twitter will win!

Dakota handheld as a reward in new tour


As summer winds down, things are really heating up at In addition to looking for our first class of ambassadors, Opie and our OC crew just announced their biggest sweepstakes yet. First we gave out limited-edition geocoins, then we awarded chirp wireless beacons to lucky cachers. That was just the start. Now we’re giving away Dakota handhelds to weekly winners throughout August. Starting Aug. 1 and going through Aug. 28, every 10 approved caches that you add will earn you an entry to win a Dakota 20 touchscreen handheld. While this specific sweepstakes is open to U.S. and Canadian residents, many of our international offices are cooking up exciting promotions to share with their respective countries as well.

Entering the Sweepstakes is easy (click here for official rules), as every 10 approved caches you add at will give you a chance to enter. Once you’ve entered, be sure to check your inbox to find out if you’ve won. We’ll notify each week’s winner the following week. And by all means, feel free to try, try again. After all, publishing caches doesn’t just push you closer to a chance at winning, it also gives your fellow cachers another chance to make great memories in their next outing. And if you’re a diehard cacher who just loves telling their friends about this popular pastime, be sure to click here to apply to become an official Ambassador.

Of the countless emails we get from happy OpenCachers, their most frequent request is that more of their fellow cachers would list their geocaches on! Know a fun place to visit near your home? Hide a cache for others to find. Already have caches listed on another site? We provide a page to easily import those listings and let others discover your caches. Whether your importing your existing caches or creating brand new ones, geocachers everywhere will benefit as a wider audience gets exposed to your creativity and enthusiasm for caching. Good luck, and happy caching and creating!