Zimbio launches Celebrity Places, powered by Bing Maps

If you’re suffering from the latest epidemic, known as Bieber Fever, you may want to check out Zimbio’s newest feature: Celebrity Places for the cure. Zimbio is an interactive magazine publisher with a focus on entertainment, style, current events and a bevy of other pop culture topics.

Their latest feature combines the accuracy and richness of Bing Maps with Zimbio’s high resolution photography of your favorite celebs. The idea is to synch a personality spotted in the wild with a location on the map, be it on the red carpet or grabbing a latte between shoots. There are over 10,000 geotagged photos on Zimbio.com in 1,000-plus cities and they are just getting started. Once you’ve found your celeb in the wild, you can find out more about them on Bing by clicking on the Bing logo and searching

Each celebrity has their own Places page, which will no doubt create an interesting destination for the Justin Bieber and Rihanna fans alike. The new feature is available today and is discoverable throughout the site.

The team at Zimbio did an amazing job integrating their high quality content with the Bing Maps v7 API. So, go to www.zimbio.com/places and check it out. The site was already stellar without the added geotagged content, so you will need to somehow substitute your Facebook browsing time with Zimbio Places…not enough hours in a day. Let us know what you think.

Map of State Collective Bargaining Rights

TPM map: Collective Bargaining Rights by State (for public-sector workers)

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