Yahoo! Maps API is going away!

Last week something very unsurprising happened:

As part of Yahoo!’s commitment to creating deeply personal digital experiences, we have been reprioritizing our current portfolio of mapping products to refocus on a great consumer Mapping and Local Search experience.

So there you go, finally Yahoo! Maps API is going away.  Seems like just a couple years ago, Yahoo! was one the most prolific GeoAPI companies.  Now they are telling you to go look at OviMaps which might be just as unused as Yahoo!’s own APIs.

Jerry Yang seems still excited about Yahoo!’s chances though.

Thanks for visiting Yahoo! Now go find your APIs somewhere else.

WeatherSpark Beta

WeatherSpark Beta– Historical weather patterns visualised

An excellent Google maps mashup -an early contender for best gmap 2011.

WeatherSpark Beta

“WeatherSpark is a pretty amazing Google Map of current and historical weather conditions. The site lets you view the historical records of over 4,000 weather stations.”

example above!graphs;ws=28726;t=321909;mspp=37115493

Climate Patterns
WeatherSpark Climate Beta

If you are more interested in today’s weather you can just center the map on your location and view the current temperature and the current precipitation radar


Wave Height & Direction with Google Maps

Meteo Mari e Venti

I think this is the first real-time wave height map that has been featured on Google Maps Mania. Meteo Mari e Venti is a Google Map that shows wave and wind height and direction predictions for the Mediterranean Sea.

There are four map views available on Meteo Mari e Venti, wave height and direction, period and wave direction, wind at 10m and wind gusts. Each of the maps show the current weather conditions. You can also view the forecasts for the next 120 hours using the buttons above the map.