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Find your way to your destination with a handy companion by your side. Drive with the TomTom One 125 GPS and everything will be under control. Starting with TomToms distinctive design, it has a full-sized touchscreen and the power of GPS in a slim, lightweight device

BusTrack Windows Phone 7 App – Bing Maps

BusTrack Windows Phone 7 App – Bing Maps

Below is a preview of the Windows Phone 7 app used for real-time tracking of Chicago buses.

“This app will make sure you never miss a bus, and perhaps more importantly, will make sure you know the best time to leave your house or office so you don’t end up standing and waiting at the bus stop for a ridiculous amount of time.”

Windows Phone 7 app used for real-time tracking of Chicago buse

  • It takes full advantage of the Bing Maps Silverlight control to plot out exact GPS locations of buses and stops, making sure you always know the optimal time to leave.
  • BusTrack can even group your most frequent stops together by a “location” so you don’t have to bounce in and out of different routes that you might want take to your destination.

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Directions, the way you want them

We recently released advanced options for getting public transit directions on Google Maps, helping you customize your route based on your personal preferences.

We work hard to provide the right results to get from A to B, but sometimes riders have their own preferences. For example, you might not mind a longer journey if it means fewer transfers; or you may prefer traveling by bus or train, rather than subway, to have views of your route. You can now specify these preferences and alter your route results by clicking the “Show options” link below your destination:
We hope that this new feature makes it easier for you to find your way! To get started, please visit