Updates to Bing Map Road Style


If you have looked at a Bing map in the last 24 hours you might have noticed a few new things about our road map style.  So what did we change?  Simply put, we made things easier to see.

Based on many phases of usability testing we’ve made dozens of changes to improve our base road map style. The result is a new style designed to communicate more important information at a glance. We have just finished rolling out our English version of this new style, and you will see French, Flemish, German, Italian, and Spanish rolling out over the next week or so.

Key changes include:

  1. Primary roadways are denoted in a more distinct color
  2. One way streets are more clearly marked
  3. Road shields are more visible
  4. Text labels are easier to read
  5. Traffic overlays are clearer and more defined
  6. Lots of other details to improve map readability


As the saying goes, pictures are worth thousands of word so we’ve put together a 9 page guide to what’s new to go deep on all the changes. 

Google Earth: Mount Rushmore looks great!

Peter Olson, who has previously shown us such excellent models such as Machu Picchu, the Disney Monorail and the Tenerife disaster, is at it once again.

This time, Peter has created a very detailed model of Mount Rushmore, which looks far better than the default (terrain-based) model. Check it out:


In addition to the famous faces on the mountain, Peter also built the “Hall of Records” behind them. The Hall was never completed, but you can learn more about it on the National Parks Traveler site, as it’s quite interesting.


To see it all for yourself, you can fly there using this KML file or you can view the details in the Google 3D Warehouse.

Van Gogh on The Details

“Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.”

–Vincent van Gogh (1853–1890)

Dutch painter

Are you holding yourself accountable as a leader (with a title or not)?

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We need to be as disciplined, resourceful, and resilient in our efforts as we ask our people to be in theirs.

Relentless leadership is embracing the fact that the need for solid & ongoing reinforcement never ends and uncomfortable conversations are a necessity. This is how we create something special.

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