Cato on Making It Happen


“I would much rather men should ask and wonder why I have no statue, than why I had one.”

– Cato the Elder (234 BC–149 BC)

Roman statesman and soldier

Something important – something very important – a thought on starting and finishing…

Three quick questions…

  1. Of the 20 or so sales days each month, how many times do you start earlier than is expected of you?
  2. How many times do you work later than is expected of you?
  3. How many times are you early for an appointment?

Starting early and going long count. Being prompt matters. The impact on you in terms of how it’s viewed by your executive team, management team, peers, subordinates, prospects, and customers can be tremendous – tremendously positive or tremendously negative.

On time – starting, leaving, or arriving – is simply what’s expected.

To be early and go long sends a message of purpose, commitment, and respect – to others and yourself – and assures better results over time. To be even one minute late, or rarely be challenged ending your day on time, sends a completely different message.

Emerson suggested, “Activity is contagious.”

Have an impact on everyone. Enjoy great results.

Embrace the early start and go long. Be SalesTough.