The 2011 Canadian Federal Election Results


vidioman: Canadian Federal Election 2011

A user on SkyscraperPage Forum has produced a dozen maps of the results of the 2011 Canadian federal election, including maps showing each party’s popular vote by riding and maps that show what the results would have looked like if we had runoff voting or if the Liberals and NDP merged.

The Globe and Mail’s 50 Ridings to Watch

Globe and Mail: 50 Ridings to Watch

Last Saturday’s Globe and Mail ran a feature looking at 50 electoral districts to watch in the Canadian federal election now under way. The print infographic (above) differs from the online version, which is a Google Maps mashup with pushpins. In neither case does the Globe use geographically accurate maps of the ridings, which makes sense: large rural ridings are worth as much as compact urban districts.