The University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley


Dr. Andrew Shears is an Assistant Professor of Geography at the University of Wisconsin – Fox Valley, and this past semester he led a great project in his GEO 106 class – modeling the entire campus!

He first divided the campus into five sections for his 20 students to tackle, then set them to work. The end result is an excellent model of the campus that all of us will get to enjoy:



The models have been submitted to Google for approval, though they aren’t yet showing up in the base layer of 3D Buildings in Google Earth. I’d expect to see them arrive in the next week or two.

Dr. Shears has written a very detailed blog entry that walks you through every aspect of the modeling process. It looks like it was a great class, the students learned a lot, and the resulting model is something that they can all be proud of!

The workshop to model The Hague

Last month, we told you about an upcoming workshop to help model more The Hague, Netherlands in 3D. They were hoping for a solid turnout, and certainly got one with more than 60 people attending!


Prizes were awarded for the best models created that day and MILO Minderbinder, who isn’t old enough to drive and had to take a three-hour train ride each way in order to attend, was the clear winner. He built an excellent model of “De Bijenkorf Den Haag“, which can be seen here:


For his efforts, he was awared with a 3D print of the model, which was provided by i.materalise. Local firm Design8 organized and promoted the event.

With that many people excited about modeling buildings in The Hague, along with the obvious talent that some of them have, I expect to see quite a few buildings pop up there over the next few months.

For more about the event, be sure to check out this article in the SketchUp Blog.