Android App Inventor


App Inventor for Android provides an easy, gentle way for programming students and other curious folks to create apps for Android devices. Incubated and launched by Google, App Inventor will now be shepherded by the new MIT Center for Mobile Learning. App Inventor godfather Hal Abelson will oversee the new center along with two distinguished MIT colleagues.

While App Inventor is just starting out, the recently discovered Protoanguilla palau eel is an amazing 200 million years old. This eel has never been seen in the fossil record; in fact, it’s being called a “living fossil”. It is so unique that it occupies its own species, genus, and family.

Finally, as you ponder the implications of developing mobile apps and living prehistoric eels, you can enjoy a nice paper banana.

Garmin 2008 Holiday Commercial – One For All

The Old Garmin 2008 Holiday Commercial

GeoDesign Friday

Looking for something besides for your Friday distraction? A couple interesting GeoDesign links are below for distraction.

First up is a new e-book from Esri called, “Changing Geography by Design: Selected Readings in GeoDesign“. As expensive as that title is, it is available as a free PDF from ESRI. And don’t worry, Carl Steinitz‘s work is way back in the Bibliography, so you can ignore his complicated University-think GeoDesign ideas (yea, works well at Harvard, but us mere mortals live in the real world).

The other is a video demonstrating some GeoDesign workflows to perform a suitability analysis. Cool stuff (though clearly an Esri exercise)…

Oh and Go Giants!