The future of the World Trade Center

We’ve shown you the past and the present of the World Trade Center area, and now it’s time for a look at the future.

wtc-future.jpgModeled by Patrick Griffin, and found in the Google 3D Warehouse, this model is an excellent look at what the future holds. As with the original WTC buildings, these are best viewed if you right-click and “hide” some of the matching buildings that are currently under construction.

Also of note is the stunning “Transportation Hub”, which will be build on the east side of the plaza. While there isn’t a model that I could find for Google Earth, you can preview a model of it that was created by user “Fish” in the 3D Warehouse.


Google Earth is showing projections of forest dynamics

While Google Earth is often used to show past and present conditions on Earth, it’s rarely used to see the future. We’ve seen cool sites like the Blue Marble 3000 and the University of Corsica’s ForeFire, but most focus on showing what we know about right now rather than showing what could happen in the future.

That brings me to Michael Gerzon and his neat idea to use Google Earth to show projections of forest dynamics, both in terms of tree growth and the spread of potential forest fires.


On his site, you can run a few sample demos to see how things work. It’s not using real GIS data at this point, but it’s a neat demonstration and I think it’s the first I’ve seen that shows tree growth in an area.

Expanding the idea out, there are some fun possibilities. For example, you could show what an area would look like after xx years of tree growth, maybe in a new housing development. Combined with 3D buildings, it could be very powerful.

LBS and Fusion Tables and Vector Tiling

Another week has passed and we are all still alive and kicking. Humanity never fails to surprise me. Anyway, Geo

continues to roll on and keep us excited.

Read Matt’s blog and get cracking.  Bonus points for rolling TileMill and TileStache together!