Garmin Victor’s Vectors: A Better look at the Aera 796/795

With the announcement of the aera 796/795 I have been getting quite a few calls from customers wanting to know more about it, so we put together this great video to give you a closer look at all of the new features this portable has to offer. See the new 3D vision that shows your speed, heading, altitude, and course deviation, all with a realistic view of theterrain. Think about having an EFB with the ability to pull up any approach plate, sectional, or enroute  chart in the US to help you find a safe place to land. Take a look at the document viewer that is compatible with all types of documents including .pdf, .docx, .jpg,  .pptx, .jpeg, .xlsx, and more.  And check out the scratch pad which allows you to quickly jot down clearances.  With all of these new features plus all the great features that made the GPSMAP 696 a premiere aviation portable, there is no question that this is Garmin’s most capable portable yet.